About this site

Welcome to this personal blog about technology, programming and all that sorts of techy, somewhat boring stuff.

It's not the first time I blog about something.

In the past, I wrote about my diet (which is, by the way, a good method to keep you focused while doing the controlled starving stuff) and interlocking plastic bricks, that is: not only about the most famous brand out there, but also covering alternatives from US and Far East.

Eons ago, when smartphones were a technologist's wet dream, I used to mantain a directory about free, downloadable, tabletop roleplaying games, which are still a favorite hobby of mine.

However, I never wrote anything about my trade, that is: programming and administering databases.

Why? Maybe that's because:

  1. It's quite difficult to write about tech and being engaging. Either you become way too technical, thus scaring away some readers or you end up being silly, making heavy use of colloquialisms or -- shudder! -- gamification to pepper up cookie-cutter examples that, while useful for the absolute beginners (or the seasoned professional who wants to get her feet wet in a new tech) offer little to expand one's knowledge about it.

  2. Until recently, I used to work for "The Man". During the last months, I decided to quit a very long collaboration and try to find my own way. I know the timing is far from being the best, and age does not help either, but still, I couldn't go on any further. So, trying to write about my trade can be seen as a way to talk about me, about the stuff I like (and couldn't write about it before) and the things I did and can do. Sort of a diary/ living business card.

So, here it is. Here you will find mostly technical posts, mainly tutorials about the stuff that piques my attention, coupled with my own interests.

Some notes about the technical stack: