Massimiliano Lambertini

Welcome! Bienvenu! Vut 'na cicles?

I'm Massimiliano Lambertini (henceforth Max), a seasoned Oracle DBA who just cannot let go his developer/designer habits. I coded stuff for work or intellectual pleasure in a lot of languages, on a lot of OSes and this is the place where I write about me, the stuff I wrote, I'm learning or I'm working on.

Latest Notes

  • Building a Web Site with Astro (10 Feb 2023)

    Last week, I built my wife's site for her new practice in another town. I could have just added some switches in her site's Eleventy code; instead, I opted for a new SSG / Application Engine, Astro. What are the takeaways, from my standpoint? Read on...

  • web0 Manifesto (03 Jan 2022)

    Yesterday I signed the Web0 manifesto and, if you care about keeping the web decentralized and independent, or you have a personal website you should too.

  • Revert a Pluggable Database to a non-CDB Database (08 Dec 2021)

    On the interwebz, and on Oracle site, you usually find countless tutorials and how-tos about migrating non-CDB databases to CDB. What you usually don't find is the reverse.

  • About this site (01 Dec 2021)

    Every, every websites containing a blog-like structure contains an "about" post ;-)

Latest Things

  • -- Setup Eleventy Real Quick (sorta) (10 Feb 2023)

    Even I posted about Astro, this does not mean I "betrayed" Eleventy. Au contraire: Here's a tool I devised to quickly create a full-functioning Eleventy boilerplate.

  • Fakegown -- Like Fakedown, but in go (20 Dec 2021)

    Since I'm an old-fashioned grizzled programmer, I have a soft spot for real compiled languages, that is those who generate machine code, and a little devil asked me: what if you rewrite Fakedown in go and see how it compares to python?

  • Fakedown (14 Dec 2021)

    When you want to test a Static Site Generator's performance but you don't have a lot of posts to feed to it, what do you do? You generate fake posts using Fakedown, that's what you do!