11tysetup.sh -- Setup Eleventy Real Quick (sorta)

In software world, "Boilerplate Code" is synonym of bad code.

Yet, when you begin studying some new tech, you need examples.

IDEs of yore used to have Wizards, guided procedures that treated you with full-functioning programs. Code made by them was not... production-grade code, but it was useful to learn about the programming language / the underlying API / the framework... you get the idea.

When I learned about Eleventy, and followed this tutorial to get a grip on it, I realized that I could not possibly remember all steps by heard.

So, I did the next logical thing: since these steps were -- more or less -- automatable, I built a shell script that

The end result is a functioning Eleventy site containing a blog section with posts filled with Markovian nonsense :-D (I used it as a starting point for https://smanett.one and wife's site, so it worked for me).

Hope you like it and find it useful. Link is at the bottom of the page. Enjoy!

Edit: photo's not mine, here's its address: https://www.flickr.com/photos/pasukaru76/8536869173/


  1. 11tysetup.sh

    An Eleventy site bootstrapper.