The first project to be featured in this list is also the last I've devised.

When I started evaluating Eleventy, I wanted a way to generate tons of Markdown posts that could be used by it, so I could check how well it performed under my usual sub-optimal conditions (Windows WSL 2.0, Ubuntu 20.04 on Intel i7 6820 with a standard SSD and 32gig RAM). What better way to create a Markown post generator?

So, Fakedown was born.

It is nothing more than a two-word key Markov Chain text processor that can use any UTF-8 text file as an input. However, you can also feed it a json file containing the Markov Chain data.

As a corpus, I used some texts downloaded from Gutenberg Library and compacted into a single text file. However, you won't find these in the project. Instead, you will find a ready made Markov Chain JSON data file, namely the word_cache.json file.

I have used it in a shell script I devised to quickly create an Eleventy site made according the guidelines inferred from Learn Eleventy From Scratch. The script in itself is a quick and dirty hack, and it might become a featured project in the near future.

Tech notes

Fakedown is a Python application built using Flask and WSGI, published under LGPL. Its core can also be used in a stand-alone way.


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